Food Allergies refers to a hypersensitive reaction caused by a pollen substance contained in the food that is not felt by others. You may be wondering why food allergies happen to you after taken specific foods. People are different, and everyone’s immune system reacts differently. It’s important to have in mind that the problem isn’t with the food causing allergy but your immune system.jmkmb23e5r23e6dy72u28i292

You should note that the immune system works to defend the body and identify any toxin substance to the body and fights against it. If the food is identified as toxic, it then brings about the hypersensitive reaction. Specific factors and situations which are the major reason why do food allergies happen to people are discussed therein;

Why do food allergies happen?

a) Hereditary factors

These factors are moved on genetically from one generation to the next generation. Hereditary factors are inevitable but can easily be managed after a clear understanding of the genes. Defective in the genes which can is easily inherited by the children and continues along the generation is also a good reason for this.

b) Defective digestive tract

Defective in the digestive tract system is also a contributing of why do foods allergies happen. These defectives may include inflammation in the digestive tract system which then allows food particulars to pass through the intestinal blood vessel causing leaky gut a situation which exposes you to food allergies.

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs

Surprisingly, GMOs is also another factor why food allergies happen. The human body has variations attached to each specific food. When the food is genetically modified, it alters its variation hence the human body for a while takes it as a toxin substance and fights against it causing food allergy. Stress is an environmental factor also explains this phenomenon.

You might have been asking yourself why food allergies happen. Well, you already have fajmkmn2w3ed6t2e6dy27u282i92ctors causing food allergies. Food allergies are destructive to the immune system from frequent exposure and can cause devastating effects to your body. Allergic foods rather than improving and building on the immune system now cause danger and further allergies to the body. Though some factors are inevitable, some such as stress can be managed.

If you need more information on allergies and why they happen simply to log into the internet and click on your search engine. Such an option can help you gain a better understanding to make the right decisions.